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Ok….this is how it all started, again! A and V talking about how we missed making music and performing together. So from the ashes we started to collect what we had of equipment.

So we started to making studios again….and mark the word STUDIOS. As we do not live together, we decided to make one Studio in A`s house and one in V’s Garage, that way it is just a few steps and we are ready to make music. So basicly that is the way we work nowadays. But the best part is when we get to gether to finalize, mix and put in all the nittygritty details. We also have a oldschool scratch area with the great Reloops and also a prelistening/testing on the BOSE and Yamaha rig.

We are so happy to work together again and hopefully making some banging tracks for all of you dedicated Galaxee fans out there! Prepare!

And for all you music nerds out there, we will be back with a complete listing of our gear and all the synths and plugins 🙂